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Creator & Founder
Brand Experience
Confident, feminine, and quietly luxurious

Lisa Lee, creator and founder of art brand LISELLE has ventured her journey back to Malaysia to line her new footprint in the art & design industry. A graduate from UK, Lisa Lee is highly inspired by the tremendous influence of her surroundings. Her own image is closely identified with that of her fashion illustration, emphasizing her intimate love of her lifestyle.

In within 3 years of ventures in her career development, Lisa Lee has successfully established her own design company by the name LISA LEE CREATIVE- a creative fashion & illustration servicing company which also integrate her licensing management of her in-house character art brand LISELLE. Her ambitious and driven passion has leads her to a massive platform in furthering her exploration and expansion in the design industry development.

Lisa Lee's clientele:
Macau Tourism Board, Johnson & Johnson, Avene, Clean & Clear, Malaysia renowned fashion designer, Khoon Hooi & Melinda Looi, Lipice, Neubodi, Fairy Beauty, I-Phone-Lazerwood, and other collaboration partners.

Lisa Lee was also the Nominee and Winner award for the category of Young Entrepreneurship & New Direction of Fashion Illustration for Trevor Awards in UK. Moreover, Lisa Lee is also being credited for successful collaborations in Fashion Management Project with Industrial professionals with completion achievement in dissertation writing ‘Predicting Fashion Trends'

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