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Brand Experience

Liselle prevailing great distinctiveness of its brand mark and positioning – 'DARE TO DREAM, DARE TO SHINE'

• Liselle's brand spirit aims to touch the heart of the consumer based on its brand story – make dreams come true and to inspire them to have a daring spirit in their life and dreams.

• Liselle strive to create unique and interesting content to make the character alive to associates with multiple brands and engage to consumers.



Liselle team builds strong connection from all touch points to create a complete and new brand experiences for their business clients and end consumers to inspire their daily life.

• Liselle builds close relationship with media partners, blogger community, fan base, potential buyer to populate their latest information, treads and updates

• Liselle created a complete infrastructure from the digital world to reality touch that allow the interest group of clients to access and engage with Liselle brand.

• Liselle engages and provide add on value for client that leverage on their brand platform to reach the right target market for a new business opportunities and market segmentation.

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